Trump Call Sandy Hook Truther Endorsement “Great Honor”


Meet Carl Gallups.  Gallups is senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida.  He has endorsed Donald Trump, and Mr. Trump called the endorsement a “great honor”.  Either Trump’s team haven’t researched this guy, or there is agreement with his stance – either case being disturbing.

You see, Gallups is a Sandy Hook “truther”.  He believes the shooting of those children and the funerals attended by their parents were all a hoax staged by the big evil government in its search for absolute control and tyranny as they take your guns.  He calls it a “false flag” operation, which is conspiracy lingo for, “Any time something bad happens, it ain’t true and the gubbament done it!”

Gallups has called all involved actors, paid by the government.  That’s right, all those teachers at the school, all the children, all the parents still there – they are I suppose on a lifetime dividend to “play the part” forever?

Gallups is an example of a dangerous conspiratorial Evangelical nutcase, and an equally dangerous presidential candidate who had to “research” David Duke and the KKK considers it a “great honor” to have his endorsement.

Mr. Trump, please hold a rally in Sandy Hook.  We’ll be waiting.

Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.08.2016