Ancient Treasures on Top of Mediterranean Mountains

The summit of Mt Zagaras north of Athens. Jason König In ancient times, they were the shrines and ritual sites to the Greek gods. These days, they’re astonishingly unloved and neglected. By Dr. Jason König / 03.01.2016 Professor of Greek University of St. Andrews The mountains of the Mediterranean are permanent reminders of the past. The ancient Greeks climbed to their summits to offer sacrifices to the[…]

Techniques and Economies in the Ancient Mediterranean

Image by Fernando Vergara Pina, Creative Commons Lecture by Dr. Jean-Pierre Brun, 04.05.2012 Professor of Ancient History Collège de France Translated by Dr. Victoria Leitch, Post-Doctoral Fellow University of Leicester Introduction Why did the Roman Empire collapse? How could such a powerful and well-organized empire as that of Rome disappear? Was it destroyed, according to[…]