Most Aggressive Anti-LGBT ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Passes Mississippi Senate

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.30.2016: The Mississippi Senate voted late Wednesday evening 31-17 to pass the most aggressive anti-LGBT legislation in the nation, House Bill 1523.  This new version will be resubmitted to the House, which passed the old one 80-39. This bill includes the ability for those opposed to same-sex marriage and same-sex[…]

African-American Student Assaults White Student for ‘Cultural Appropriation’ (VIDEO)

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.30.2016: An African-American college student employee at San Francisco State University, Bonita Tindle, harassed and physically assaulted a white student, Cory Goldstein, for “cultural appropriation” because he had dreadlocks. See video from Nicholas Silvera: Goldstein has declined to file charges against Tindle, as has the person operating the phone camera[…]

NASA’s ‘Spaceport of the Future’ Reaches Another Milestone on Mission to Mars

This artist concept depicts the Space Launch System rocket rolling out of the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever built and will launch the agency’s Orion spacecraft into a new era of exploration to destinations beyond low-Earth orbit. / Credits: NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center By[…]

Trump: Ban Abortion and Punish Women (VIDEO)

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.30.2016: In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Donald Trump – who used to support a woman’s right to choose – advocated not only banning abortion but also punishing women who have them after such a ban. “There has to be some form of punishment,” Trump told Matthews. Following along[…]

A Trojan War? Really?

Marble Bust of Homer, Roman Copy of Hellenistic Original from 2nd Century BCE / British Museum Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh Brewminate Editor-in-Chief From a lecture by Dr. Frank Holt, Professor of Ancient History, University of Houston (09.19.2013) After the “Sea Peoples” had conquered the Hittites in Asia Minor and severely weakened New Kingdom Egypt[…]

American Elections Ranked Worst Among Western Democracies – Here’s Why

Votes are counted during Minnesota’s Democratic caucus. Reuters/Eric Miller By Dr. Pippa Norris, Professor of Government and International Relations Harvard University The world is currently transfixed by the spectacle of American elections. From New York, London and Paris to Beijing, Moscow, and Sydney there is endless heated debate in the news media and across dinner[…]