A University Professor Is Hacked to Death, Another Victim of Deadly Intolerance in Bangladesh

“What he wrote will be investigated. But someone said he only played sitar.” We Want Justice for Professor AFM Rezaul Karim Siddique. Poster: Facebook By Palash Ranjan Sanyal / 04.25.2016 Rezaul Karim Siddique, 58, an English professor at Rajshahi University, was found hacked to death near his home on Saturday, April 23 in Rajshahi, a northern district[…]

Who Says Libraries are Dying? They are Evolving into Spaces for Innovation!

Today’s libraries are offering skill-building programs. Knight Foundation By Crystle Martin Postdoctoral Researcher University of California, Irvine With the expansion of digital media, the rise of e-books and massive budget cuts, the end of libraries has been predicted many times over. And while it is true that library budgets have been slashed, causing cuts in[…]

This is What Happens After You Die

© Lightning + Kinglyface and Jess Bonham Most of us would rather not think about what happens to our bodies after death. But that breakdown gives birth to new life in unexpected ways, writes Moheb Costandi. By Moheb Costandi Developmental Neurobiologist “It might take a little bit of force to break this up,” says mortician[…]

Trump Said Protestors ‘Really Don’t Love Our Country’ – Here’s Someone Else Who Spoke the Same Rhetoric and the Story of His Rise

The Nazi party began drawing thousands of new members, many of whom were victims of hyper-inflation and found comfort in blaming the Jews for this trouble. “Providence has ordained that I should be the greatest liberator of humanity.” – Hitler Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power By Dr. David A. Meier Professor of History Dickinson State[…]

Atheism is as Natural to Humans as Religion

The Chariot of Zeus, from “Stories from the Greek Tragedians” by Alfred Church. The study suggests that not all Greeks recognised the gods, and that atheism was fairly acceptable in ancient polytheistic societies. People in the ancient world did not always believe in the gods, a new study suggests – casting doubt on the idea[…]

Oklahoma Wastes Time ‘Outlawing’ Abortion, Pandering That will Waste Their Money

Oklahoma Republican Governor Mary Fallin makes remarks before the opening of the National Governors Association Winter Meeting in Washington, in this February 22, 2014 file photo.  REUTERS/Mike Theiler/Files By Heide Brandes / Reuters – 04.22.2016 An Oklahoma bill that could revoke the license of any doctor who performs an abortion has headed to the governor,[…]