Forget Folk Remedies, Medieval Europe Spawned a Golden Age of Medical Theory

Does your bad humour ail thee? Wellcome Library Collection By Dr. Winston Black Assistant Professor of Medieval History Assumption College It’s often said that there was no tradition of scientific medicine in medieval times. According to the usual narrative of the history of progress, medicine in the European Middle Ages – from around the 5th[…]

Stephen Jay Gould: Did He Bring Paleontology to the ‘High Table’?

By Dr. Donald Prothero Professor of Geology and Paleontology Occidental College Note:  The author published this in 2009, seven years after the death of Gould. Abstract In the seven years since Harvard paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould died, there have been only a few assessments of his role in paleobiology and evolutionary theory. Although non-paleontologists still[…]

Roman Mosaics

By Mark Cartwright Roman mosaics were a common feature of private homes and public buildings across the empire from Africa to Antioch. Not only are mosaics beautiful works of art in themselves but they are also an invaluable record of such everyday items as clothes, food, tools, weapons, flora and fauna. They also reveal much[…]

Donald Trump and American Narcissism

By Robert A. Levine / 05.11.2016 TMV Columnist Was just getting accustomed to the idea that Donald Trump, aka The Donald, the motivating force behind the TV show The Apprentice, was going to be the Republican nominee for president, when the Quinipiac Poll had him and Hillary virtually tied in three swing states. He was[…]

15 Difficult Feelings that Mean You’re Evolving

By Rick Riddle / 05.10.2016 Are life’s challenges preparing you for a rebirth? Changing and evolving are difficult things to do. In fact, they are so difficult that doing so or even planning to do so can drum up all types of feelings that aren’t very pleasant at all. Unfortunately, many people interpret these uncomfortable[…]

A Short History of the Dining Room

Edward Tongue / Creative Commons As more people found a place at the table, the concern became that of finding a place for the table By Dr. Christine Baumgarthuber Doctorate in English Literature, Brown University The Austerity Kitchen PART 1 Illustrations from Silver for the Dining Room (1912) For the first time in my adult[…]

‘Terrifying’ New National Poll Shows Trump and Clinton Statistically Tied

At the Democratic National Convention, “delegates will decide which candidate is the strongest nominee to take on Donald Trump in November,” Bernie Sanders said on Tuesday night. “All of the evidence indicates that I am that candidate.” (Photo: Reuters) Last week, Reuters/Ipsos poll had Clinton ahead of Trump by around 13 points. Today, they’re running[…]

5 Japanese-American Women Activists Left Out of U.S. History Books

A herstory lesson about five women whose World War II internment inspired them to action. By Nina Wallace / 04.27.2016 This article was adapted from a previous version published by Densho. From African American activists critical to the 1963 March on Washington to the Japanese American women among the 120,000 wrongly imprisoned by a panic-stricken and—let’s[…]

The ‘War on Drugs’ Turns Legitimate Pain Patients and Their Doctors Into Suspects

No one can deny that overprescribing and resulting addiction is an enormous problem, but let’s not allow eyebrows to raise at patients in legitimate need of pain relief and treatment.  They are easy targets in a lost ‘war’. By Matthew A. McIntosh / 05.11.2016 Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Where does it hurt?  This question has been asked[…]

Bernie Sanders Could Still Win the Democratic Nomination — No, Seriously

From Seth Abramson at the Huffington Post / 05.11.2016: Last night on CNN, while discussing Bernie Sanders’ landslide victory over Hillary Clinton in West Virginia — which followed a 5-point Sanders win in Indiana last week — Michael Smerconish said that “Democratic super-delegates might have to rethink” their support of Hillary Clinton given how dramatically[…]