Towards a Positive Psychology for Society

By Floris Koot / 07.23.2016 Principles for soulful relating In their popular book Freakonomics, two economists discover that unwanted children are significantly way more prone to become drug addicts, criminals or drop outs. Being wanted seems to be a cornerstone of life. Sociologists claim that it takes at the least three generations to get a[…]

Melanie Klein, the Founding Mother of Children’s Psychology

As with many fields of study, the canonical works of the social sciences are overrun with the findings of white males. But in the field of psychoanalysis, Melanie Klein, a Viennese Jewish woman, made an impact on the field with her unlikely-sounding theories published in her book The Psychoanalysis of Children, where she documents infants’[…]

An Epidemic of Children Dying in Hot Cars: A Tragedy That Can Be Prevented

Child in a car seat via Shutterstock. By Dr. David Diamond / 06.20.2016 Professor of Psychology, Molecular Pharmacology, and Physiology Director, Neuroscience Collaborative Program and Center for Preclinical and Clinical Research on PTSD University of South Florida I have been studying the brain and memory since 1980, but I was baffled when a news reporter[…]