This Woman is Allergic to Water

By David Pescovitz / 09.16.2016 Rachel Warwick suffers from aquagenic urticaria, an immune reaction to contact with water. According to the BBC, it “is like being stung by a bush of particularly pernicious nettles, combined with the malaise of hay fever, every single day.” From the BBC: It’s a world where relaxing baths are the[…]

A Tight Squeeze for Electrons – Quantum Effects Observed in ‘One-Dimensional’ Wires

Researchers have observed quantum effects in electrons by squeezing them into one-dimensional ‘quantum wires’ and observing the interactions between them. The results could be used to aid in the development of quantum technologies, including quantum computing. 09.15.2016 Scientists have controlled electrons by packing them so tightly that they start to display quantum effects, using an[…]

Conservative Evangelicals Debate Whether Christians Should Support Trump

Janet Parshall, National Religious Broadcasters By Peter Montgomery / 09.17.2016 The National Religious Broadcasters sponsored a debate on Friday morning between two Never Trump evangelicals and two evangelical Trumpers. The event, held at the National Press Club, was emceed by NRB’s President and CEO Jerry Johnson, who called it a “family conversation.” Johnson, whose own[…]

When, What, and How of Coffee Picking

Beautiful Ripe Yellow Catuai By Emily Haworth All the trials and tribulations of coffee picking are very fresh in my mind. In this column, I plan to share the When, What and How of coffee picking. The coffee picking season is the busiest time of all for a coffee farmer. It is a season of[…]

Graecomania and Philhellenism

By Dr. Evangelos Konstantinou / 11.23.2012 Contributors: Konstadinos Maras and Klaus-Henning Suchland Athens University Abstract Precipitated primarily by the study of ancient Greece, a growing enthusiasm for Greece emerged in Europe from the 18th century. This enthusiasm manifested itself in literature and art in the movements referred to as classicism and neoclassicism. The foundations of[…]

Cassini Begins Epic Final Year at Saturn

Since NASA’s Cassini spacecraft arrived at Saturn, the planet’s appearance has changed greatly. This view shows Saturn’s northern hemisphere in 2016, as that part of the planet nears its northern hemisphere summer solstice in May 2017. / NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute 09.15.2016 After more than 12 years studying Saturn, its rings and moons, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft[…]

What Exactly Does ‘Instantaneous’ Mean?

Lightning moves pretty quickly; would you call it instantaneous? Steven Vanderburg, NOAA By Dr. Kevin Knudson / 09.14.2016 Professor of Mathematics University of Florida How short is an “instant”? Is it a second? A tenth of a second? A microsecond? You might think all of these qualify. What about 100 years? That certainly doesn’t seem[…]

Calling for Prosecution of Its Own Source, Washington Post Slammed for ‘Towering Cowardice’

(Image: ACLU/with overlay) Prominent newspaper received for reporting on NSA programs leaked by Edward Snowden — Now they want him locked him away for it By Jon Queally / 09.18.2016 Shocked by the “towering cowardice” of the Washington Post‘s Sunday editorial calling for Edward Snowden to be prosecuted, journalist Glenn Greenwald led the charge against[…]