The Twilight of the Mom and Pop Motel

The Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona, is one of the few remnants of America’s mid-20th century motel boom. / Library of Congress By Dr. Andrew Wood / 09.14.2016 Professor of Communication Studies San José State University In 1939, when John Steinbeck imagined Highway 66 as “the road of flight,” he evoked the crushing realities of[…]

BACKFIRE! Republicans Waste Time with Yet ANOTHER Investigation, Democrats Don’t Waste Time

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen By Jameson Parker / 09.22.2016 The Republican witch hunt to make the IRS commissioner pay for…something… backfired in spectacular fashion after Democrats, insulted at having been dragged into this show trial, took the opportunity to instead flip the script. During IRS Commissioner John Koskinen’s hearing, Democrats began ignoring the “impeachment” nonsense and[…]

Dona Militaria: Rome’s Lost Valor

One of nine Silvered bronze phalerae depicting a mythological figure (Zeus Ammon) awarded to Titus Flavius Festus Roman 1st century CE.  Photographed at the Neuses Museum in Berlin, Germany by Mary Harrsch © 2016 By Mary Harrsch / 08.25.2016 Roman Historian Ancient Times A history resource article by Mary Harrsch © 2016 A few months ago I[…]

Trump Campaign Chair Says Racism Didn’t Exist Before Obama – Promptly Resigns

Former Trump Campaign Chair Kathy Miller, Mahoning County, Ohio By Ryan Dennson / 09.22.2016 President Obama is right — it appears the people running the Trump campaign skipped their history and civics classes. After Donald Trump got a lashing from black activists after claiming it’s “never been worse” for them than it is right now, one[…]

NASA iTech Fosters Technology Needed for Journey to Mars

09.21.2016 NASA is seeking innovative technology for the agency’s future exploration missions in the solar system and beyond, including the Journey to Mars, from other U.S. government agencies, academia, the aerospace industry and the public through the new iTech initiative. NASA’s iTech initiative is a yearlong effort to find innovative ideas through a call for[…]

After Two Fatal Police Shootings, Trump Calls for ‘Nationwide Stop-and-Frisk’

The NYPD’s controversial use of “stop-and-frisk” was struck down in 2013 by a federal judge, who found it unconstitutional. (Photo: Reuters) ‘The idea of creating a national stop-and-frisk policy is the equivalent of advancing martial law and is beyond the constitutional power of the presidency’ By Nika Knight / 09.22.2016 As the nation reels from[…]

The NFL Joins the Data Revolution in Sports

The NFL joins the Age of Metrics. / Shutterstock By Dr. Galen Clavio / 09.21.2016 Associate Professor of Sports Media, Director of the National Sports Journalism Center University of Indiana, Bloomington In some potentially game-changing news for the way we understand professional football, the National Football League began the 2016 preseason by placing tracking sensors[…]