Trump’s Treasury Pick Excelled at Kicking Elderly People Out of Their Homes

Steven Mnuchin, Trump Treasury Secretary Nominee   By Paul Kiel (left) and Jesse Eisinger (right) / 12.27.2016 In 2015, OneWest Bank moved to foreclose on John Yang, an 80-year-old Korean immigrant living in Orange Park, Florida, a small suburb of Jacksonville. The bank believed he wasn’t living in his home, violating the terms of its[…]

The Past in the Present

Ancient Sanskrit carving on a golden background By Dr. Thomas R. Trautmann Professor Emeritus of Anthropology University of Michigan Volume 1, 2011 Abstract The theory-deadness of antiquity under the ideology of modernism, the theory-deadness of Asia under Eurocentrism, and the theory-deadness of the precolonial under post-colonial theory converge to hide the aliveness of ancient Indian[…]

As Trump Prepares His Kissy Face for Putin, a Glimpse into the Dictator’s Soul

Marian Kamensky, Slovakia / Cagle Cartoons By Dana Milbank / 12.28.2016 Washington Post Columnist “Spare us the kissy-face.” It was June 2001 and I was covering President George W. Bush’s trip to Slovenia, where he had just met Vladimir Putin for the first time. I and others were struck by Bush’s praise for the Russian[…]