The World of Gilgamesh

The Deluge tablet of the Gilgamesh epic in Akkadian By Danielle Dencio / 2007 The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the earliest epics in world literature. It is inscribed on twelve clay tablets in cuneiform. The earliest verses were composed in Southern Mesopotamia before 2000B.C. The most complete version of the epic was found in the[…]

Exploring Genetic Causation in Biology

By John McLaughlin / 07.02.2015 PhD Candidate in Developmental Biology Hunter College City University of New York In both popular culture and the technical literature in biology, the word “genetic” is ubiquitous. Despite its common usage and universal recognition, discussions centered around this concept usually leave its meaning taken for granted. We have the vague[…]

To Be a Human Being, Instead of a Human Doing

Pixabay, Creative Commons 11.01.2017 Can you feel the support of the chair?” My Rosen Method therapist asked. “Hmm … no.” Seated across from my therapist in her office, I replied hesitantly after scanning my body for a sense of support. “Try to feel some sense of support or connection,” she urged. At that moment, I[…]

Solar System’s First Observed Interstellar Visitor Dazzles Scientists

Artist’s concept of interstellar asteroid 1I/2017 U1 (‘Oumuamua) as it passed through the solar system after its discovery in October 2017. The aspect ratio of up to 10:1 is unlike that of any object seen in our own solar system. Credits: European Southern Observatory/M. Kornmesser 11.20.2017 Astronomers recently scrambled to observe an intriguing asteroid that zipped[…]

Adaptive Reuse of Ancient Buildings in Rome

From Dr. Stephen T. Muench (by student Bailey Anne Cook) / 12.04.2015 Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Washington Introduction    [LEFT]: Figure 1: Column left in side of wall [RIGHT]: Figure 2: Reuse of decorations The idea of “green buildings” has been rapidly growing around the world since the 1970s due to the[…]

Archaeologists Find Statue of Egyptian Goddess Isis and Satyr’s Head at Roman Villa

A statue of Isis, the Ancient Egyptian goddess, and a head from a human-sized statue of a satyr, a companion of Dionysus, have been discovered at the Roman villa estate and nymphaeum near Bulgaria’s Kasnakovo. Photo: TV grab from bTV By Ivan Dikov / 11.17.2017 Archaeology in Bulgaria A 2nd century AD marble statue of the Ancient[…]