The New Ruins of Syria

The Bel Temple, Aleppo, 2004. Courtesy of and © Ross Burns. All rights reserved An archaeologist explains why cultural heritage monuments in Palmyra and Aleppo have been used as weapons of war. By Dr. Ross Burns / 02.08.2017 Adjunct Professor of Archaeology Macquarie University Syria is a singular treasure trove of numerous phases of world[…]

9 Shot, at Least 3 Fatally, at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Reuters / 01.06.2017 At least nine people were shot, including three fatally, and a suspect was in custody at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida on Friday, MSNBC reported, citing unnamed law enforcement sources. “There is an ongoing incident in Terminal 2, Baggage Claim,” said a post on the airport’s[…]

The Right Way to Defeat Terrorism

Image Source: AK Rockefeller, Flickr, Creative Commons Drone By Adil E. Shamoo United States (FPiF) – The recent attacks on Turkey, Bangladesh, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia are just the most recent examples of the horrific terrorist acts taking place around the world. The Islamic State’s recent bombing in Baghdad killed 250 people and wounded hundreds. The[…]

Defeating Daesh Will Take More than Gunpowder

Jake Simkin/AP/Press Association Attempting to defeat IS without beginning to address the political and structural failures that have led to these circumstances borders on the ridiculous. By Dylan O’Driscoll / 06.01.2016 With the beginning of separate offensives against the Islamic State (IS) in Fallujah and Raqqa, many analysts are highlighting that this is the beginning of[…]

In America, Domestic Extremists Are a Bigger Risk than Foreign Terrorism

Protesters shout outside the Republican National Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, May 12, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque By Dr. David Alpher Professor, School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution George Mason University Take America back from those who have stolen it. Protect America from those who want to destroy it. Restore the principles that these usurpers betrayed.[…]

Thoughts on Terrorism and Violence

Villainous Company As the people of Brussels, the country of Belgium and rest of the world try to deal with yet another act of violence, another act of terrorism, here in the United States, we recall the bombing Saturday March 19 in Ankara Turkey, as well as the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California, Paris,[…]