Were the Crusades Bound to Fail?

A battle of the Second Crusade (illustration of William of Tyre’s Histoire d’Outremer, 1337) / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Nicholas Morton / 03.25.2018 Senior Lecturer in History Nottingham Trent University Looking back from the Twenty-First century, one of the most easily-identifiable facts about the medieval Crusades to the Holy Land is that they conspicuously failed. The crusaders were obviously[…]

A Brief History of the Crusades

Knight, Psalter, with litany, prayers and Easter tables (The “Westminster Psalter”), c. 1200, f. 220 (British Library) By Dr. Susanna A. Throop / 08.08.2015 Assistant Professor of Art History Ursinus College What Were the Crusades? What comes to mind when you think of the crusades? Earnest and alarmingly buff knights (in shining armor, of course)[…]