The Origins and Outbreak of World War I

Public Domain How did World War One break out? Professor David Stevenson closely examines the three stages that led to war being declared between Austria-Hungary, Serbia, Germany, Russia, France, and Britain. By Dr. David Stevenson / 01.29.2014 Stevenson Professor of International History The London School of Economics and Political Science In July-August 1914 an international[…]

Weapons of World War One

Senior Curator Paul Cornish looks at the developments in weaponry technology and strategy that led to the modern warfare of World War One, which was characterized by deadly new weapons, trench deadlocks, and immense numbers of casualties. By Paul Cornish / 01.29.2014 Senior Curator Imperial War Museums London 1914 witnessed the clash of huge armies[…]

How World War I Sparked the Artistic Movement that Transformed Black America

Aaron Douglas. “Aspects of Negro Life: From Slavery to Reconstruction.” Oil on canvas, 1934. The New York Public Library, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Art and Artifacts Division. Many associate post-World War I culture with Hemingway and Fitzgerald’s Lost Generation. But for black artists, writers and thinkers, the war changed the way they saw their past and their future. By Dr. Elizabeth J. West / 05.31.2017[…]

The Long Legacy of World War I

Three soldiers at an observation station on the Western Front in 1918. / National Library of Scotland To mark the 100th anniversary of American military involvement in World War I, three distinguished historians address the question: What do you think is the most important legacy of the First World War? Bruno Cabanes describes how the sheer[…]