The Lost World of the London Coffeehouse

In contrast to today’s rather mundane spawn of coffeehouse chains, the London of the 17th and 18th century was home to an eclectic and thriving coffee drinking scene. Dr Matthew Green explores the halcyon days of the London coffeehouse, a haven for caffeine-fueled debate and innovation which helped to shape the modern world. A disagreement[…]

The National Media Has Been Instructed By the DNC Not to Count Superdelegates, So Why Have They Refused?

From Seth Abramson at The Huffington Post: “Whatever one thinks of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Chair of the Democratic National Committee, we can all agree on one thing: there is no greater authority on the topic of so-called “super-delegates” to the Democratic National Convention (an event Wasserman Schultz runs) than Wasserman Schultz herself. And Wasserman[…]

Faith-Healing Bill Dead for the Year in Idaho

From the Idaho Statesman, “A key Republican lawmaker says he won’t allow legislation seeking to modify Idaho’s faith-healing exemption to be introduced during this year’s legislative session. Senate Health and Welfare Chairman Lee Heider, a Republican from Twin Falls, had previously said he would allow a hearing on modifying the law, which currently allows families[…]

Followers of Jesus, We Need a New Name

From Tony Campolo at “We Red Letter Christians are a movement that, in accord with what Jesus said in Matthew 25, wants to make room for needy immigrants in America. We seek social politics that serve those whom Jesus called “the least of these.” We reject the disparaging language used by one of the[…]

GOP Senator: Of Course We’d Consider SCOTUS Nom If Obama Were Republican!

From Caitlin Macneal at TPM: “During a Thursday morning radio interview, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) candidly explained that Senate Republicans would take a different approach to a Supreme Court nominee if a Republican president were in office and replacing a conservative justice. Johnson was asked on Wisconsin radio show “Morning Mess” about Senate Republicans’ refusal[…]

Republican ‘Family Values’ New York Assemblywoman Receives Ethical Sanction

Angela Wozniak faces range of sanctions after affair with staffer Ethics panel calls her actions ‘incredible’ From Tom Precious at The Buffalo News: “Assemblywoman Angela Wozniak exhibited “incredibly poor judgment” by having an affair with a member of her legislative staff and then for retaliating against him after he broke off the affair and, soon[…]

Antigone Now: Greek Tragedy is the Debate We Have to Have

Adean Jacobs (director) and Samara Hersch (assistant director) / Photo Sarah Walker The playwrights were usually financially backed by politicians whose primal aim was to indoctrinate citizens into the ideology of democracy that celebrated debate. Sophocles’ Antigone puts these two loyalties (religion and state) against one another and questions whether the political realm can control[…]

16 Women Who Are Standing Up to Violence

Photo Mel Snyder From Kristin Williams at The Institute for Inclusive Security: “Violence takes many forms. The pernicious abuses behind closed doors, hidden by family members in the name of honor. Structural and economic violence that disadvantages particular groups, condemning them to lifelong marginalization and insecurity. The encompassing devastation wrought by war. Whatever the cause,[…]

Frank Luntz – Poll Finds Young Americans are ‘Frighteningly’ Liberal

While the Republican candidates for president have loudly lamented the steep decline of America, new research by a GOP pollster suggests young people are far more optimistic about the country’s future. “They’re refreshingly, resoundingly sunny about America’s future,” Frank Luntz writes. “This generation simply rejects the gloom and doom, even as their parents and grandparents fret[…]

Israel Aid Links Netanyahu’s Canceled U.S. Trip to Defense Aid Hold-Up

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A hold-up over a new U.S. defense package for Israel was behind Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to forgo a meeting with President Barack Obama in Washington this month, a senior Israeli official said on Thursday. Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely’s remarks contrasted with a statement by Netanyahu that cited his reluctance[…]

10 Taxpayer Handouts to the Super Rich That Will Make Your Blood Boil

From Tom Cahill at, “The next time you hear someone complain about how the poor get ‘all this free stuff,’ show them this.” “The combined cost of these 10 corporate welfare programs is $1.539 trillion per year. The three main programs needy families depend upon — Temporary Assistance for Needy Families ($17.3 billion), food[…]