In America, Domestic Extremists Are a Bigger Risk than Foreign Terrorism

Protesters shout outside the Republican National Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, May 12, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque By Dr. David Alpher Professor, School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution George Mason University Take America back from those who have stolen it. Protect America from those who want to destroy it. Restore the principles that these usurpers betrayed.[…]

Study: People Can Smell When You’re Sick

P.U. – You Smell Sick! By Joe Gandelman The Moderate Voice Editor-in-Chief Believe it or not, that’s what part of people’s brains do as they almost automatically can tell you’re not well. Yes, the human nose can apparently detect disease,according to research published in Psychological Science. And the nose knows the person is fighting off[…]

Coffee and Seasonality

Photo by Tim Wendelboe By Tim Wendelboe One of the recent trends in coffee is that some of the smaller specialised coffee roasters around the world and in the Nordic Countries are starting to treat coffee as a seasonal product. For many of you this may be a bit frustrating as a lot of your favourite[…]

Ah, All Those Biased Judges

By Dorian de Wind / 06.05.2016 I built this huge, expensive, beautiful house using the best materials and workmanship money can buy. The buyer, a Muslim — I love Muslims, I think they are great people — has filed a stupid lawsuit alleging that the house I built is a piece of crap. Can you[…]

How to Not Love the National Parks to Death

Tourists flock to Lower Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park on a spring afternoon. Photo by Eddie Hernandez Photography / iStock. By Heather J. Hansen / 06.03.2016 This year marks the centennial of the National Park Service, and record numbers of visitors are expected to celebrate by exploring the system’s incomparable natural, historical, and cultural resources. All[…]

Astronaut’s First Steps into BEAM Will Expand the Frontiers of Habitats for Space

BEAM Inflation / NASA 06.03.2016 On Monday, June 6, astronaut Jeff Williams will enter the first human-rated expandable module deployed in space, a technology demonstration to investigate the potential challenges and benefits of expandable habitats for deep space exploration and commercial low-Earth orbit applications. Williams and the NASA and Bigelow Aerospace teams working at Mission[…]

Evolutionary Theory and the Ultimate–Proximate Distinction in the Human Behavioral Sciences

Wikimedia Commons      By (left-to-right) Dr. Thomas C. Scott-Phillips, Dr. Thomas E. Dickins, and Dr. Stuart A. West Scott-Phillips:  Senior Research Fellow in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, Durham University Dickins:  Professor of Evolutionary Psychology, University of East London West:  Professor of Evolutionary Biology, University of Oxford Abstract To properly understand behavior, we must obtain both[…]

Couric Destroys Own Credibility in 8 Seconds

The question, and then the non-existent pause By Matthew A. McIntosh / 06.05.2016 Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Former CBS news anchor and current Yahoo “Global News Anchor” Katie Couric recently produced a documentary, “Under the Gun”, about gun violence and control in the United States. It was admittedly a POV (point-of-view) documentary, and that’s fine.  What is[…]