Gene Signature in Healthy Brains Pinpoints the Origins of Alzheimer’s Disease

A specific gene expression pattern maps out which parts of the brain are most vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease, decades before symptoms appear, and helps define the molecular origins of the disease. 08.10.2016 Researchers have discovered a gene signature in healthy brains that echoes the pattern in which Alzheimer’s disease spreads through the brain much later[…]

Changes in Brain Structure During Teenage Years Provide Clues to Onset of Mental Health Problems

Scientists have mapped the structural changes that occur in teenagers’ brains as they develop, showing how these changes may help explain why the first signs of mental health problems often arise during late adolescence. 07.25.2016 In a study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers from the University of Cambridge[…]

The Ancient Cure for Depression

By Sara Burrows Counteracting the health impact of a Civilized Lifestyle Depression is a global epidemic. It is the main driver behind suicide, which now claims more than a million lives per year worldwide. One in four Americans will suffer from clinical depression within their lifetimes, and the rate is increasing with every generation. It[…]

Last Chance Saloon – One Man’s Unique Quest to Understand His Own Mental Health

Last Chance Saloon (11-part miniseries) is the story of Neil ‘Twink’ Tinning, a troubled, magnificent man living with bipolar disorder, and his unique attempt to understand the science behind his, and many other, mental health conditions – all while getting ready to play the biggest gig of his life. PART 1 Twink explains why he’s[…]