Encouraging Students to Revise What They Write

While writing can be a challenge, so can finding the motivation to revise one’s work. By Dr. Narmada PaulPostdoctoral Scholar in Educational PsychologyUniversity of Kentucky Introduction When high school students get into the habit of revising their writing, it has a positive impact on the quality of their work. Despite the proven benefits of revision, students often resist making[…]

Censoring Class Consciousness in the Nineteenth Century

Restrictions on cinema were folded into a more complex global matrix of censorship, lies, and selective truth-telling. By Eric Berkowitz, J.D.Writer, Lawyer, and Journalist “The barbarians that threaten society,” declared a French legislative deputy in the early 1830s, are the “[working classes] of our manufacturing towns.” In France, and throughout nineteenth-century Europe, elites were intent[…]

Preparation Tips on Writing an Impeccable History Essay

Sometimes, the creation of a top history essay can be a challenge. Let us look at what one needs to do if they want to develop an impeccable history paper. Find Out the Teacher’s Requirements Regarding the Paper In whatever writing assignment you will be given in school, understand that there are those conditions that the teacher[…]

Featured Scholar: Ewan Clayton and ‘A History of Writing’

Issues of urgent interest for a society living in an era of unprecedented change to the tools and technologies of written communication. Book by Dr. Ewan ClaytonProfessor of DesignUniversity of Sunderland From the simple representative shapes used to record transactions of goods and services in ancient Mesopotamia, to the sophisticated typographical resources available to the[…]

Where Did Writing Come From?

The rise, fall, and rediscovery of cuneiform. By Shelby BrownClassical archaeologist and classicistEducation Specialist for Academic and Adult AudiencesJ. Paul Getty Museum Introduction In a world in which immediate access to words and information is taken for granted, it is hard to imagine a time when writing began. Archaeological discoveries in ancient Mesopotamia (now mostly modern[…]

4 Great Sources Students Can Use For Writing An Academic Paper On Ancient Rome

By Amanda Dudley The Roman Empire spanned several centuries and has had a major influence on the world at large. As such, there is a huge chance that you may find yourself in a situation where you are required to write a paper on Ancient Rome society. But where exactly do you get your sources[…]

Writing as a Method to Express Yourself: From Ancient Times to Our Days

Writing is one of the activities that makes us humans so unique. For thousands of years, the human race has been attempting to record its thoughts and experiences with various forms of the written word. From its beginnings, the written word has become one of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to[…]

Find A Reliable English Editing Service With This Guide

Writing is always followed by editing, which includes all the crucial elements needed to put a document upright. Editing works to take hold of the errors in a document, specifically bringing up the subject matter. However, editing is not a one-time thing and requires professional expertise. And with the market lined up with so many[…]

How to Write an Article on the History of the Middle Ages

“Teachers and professors use articles to evaluate and assess the progress of students.” Historical articles are very important because they help tutors to test a range of skills which include interpretation and analysis, research, planning, and writing. Before writing a historical article, the student needs to study the question, understand what the question requires, gather[…]

7 Tips to Research Using the Internet Writing Your Essays

Writing a well-constructed and impactful essay is a necessary task that every student, no matter what level of academics they’re at, must undertake. However, before you even begin to write down your essay, you must first do thorough online research. Although having so much information at your fingertips seems like an advantage when you’re writing[…]

Researching and Writing a History Dissertation

The most important condition in how to write a history dissertation: the work must be relevant, have scientific novelty and practical value.  You can get a Ph.D. in historical sciences in the disciplines:  1. Domestic and foreign history. 2. Archeology and anthropology. 3. Ethnology and Ethnography. 4. Historiography. 5. History of science and technology. 6.[…]

5 Effective Tips to Improve Your Science Writing Skills

Whether you are into writing and need polishing your style, or you are a newbie trying to survive in the world of academic rules and standards, this article is definitely for you. We have examined the most common mistakes students make and outlined the 5 effective tips to boost your writing skills today. Check them[…]