Ted Cruz’s Religious Liberty Advisory Council Recommends Reversing LGBT Rights Victories, Curtailing Birth Control Coverage

Sen. Ted Cruz, who has touted the endorsements of many of the most extreme members of the Religious Right, has never tried to hide the fact that he plans to target LGBT rights and reproductive freedoms if elected president. Indeed, the Texas Republican’s campaign even put together a “religious liberty advisory council” led by radical[…]

‘Starving The Beast’: Documentary Reveals How Wall Street ‘Disrupted’ Public Education

Some of the country’s most respected public universities have been devastated by years of cuts, and corporations have stepped in to turn publicly funded education into private profit. The new documentary “Starving The Beast, reveals the struggle in education funding taking place across the country at publicly funded universities. (AP Photo/David Goldman) AUSTIN, Texas —[…]

Georgia Parents Offended by Non-Christian Encroachment in Schools Ban ‘Namaste’

From Yanan Wang at The Washington Post / 03.24.2016: Since the ancient discipline with roots in Hinduism and Buddhism became a popular exercise in the West, yogis have inundated popular culture with their pursuit of that elusive “calm” in a rapidly spinning world. “Mindfulness,” the meditative state associated with yoga, has likewise been adopted as[…]

Courting Disaster: House Bill 1337 and Increasing Regulations on Abortion in Indiana

Credit Diego Delso via Wikimedia Commons From Abraham Schwab at WBOI: Two weeks ago, the Indiana legislature passed House Bill 1337, which amends the Indiana Code and increases the regulation surrounding both abortion and miscarriages. The bill received attention on the national level by groups that are, unsurprisingly, opposed to it on the grounds that[…]

Support for Trump Written in Chalk Around Emory University – Some Students No Longer Feel Safe

Chalk messages in support of Donald Trump at Emory University. (Photos courtesy of Amelia Sims) From Susan Svriuga at The Washington Post / 03.24.2016: Conservative students at Emory University are planning a free-speech event for next week, after an outcry on campus over messages supporting Donald Trump. Students woke up Monday morning to find messages[…]

‘There Was Just No Snow’ – Climate Change Puts Iditarod Future in Doubt

After record high winter temperatures reduced parts of the course to a bone-jarring, sled-wrecking obstacle course, is the great mushing race on its way out? Nathan Schroeder mushes into Kaltag, Alaska, with his team of huskies. Photograph: Loren Holmes/AP From Suzanne Goldenberg at The Guardian / 03.24.2016: It’s been 43 years since a kennel owner[…]