Aswan Island Excavation Reveals Blocks Dating to Hatshepsut’s Early Reign

A pillar found of the way station building (Courtesy of the German Institute) From Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online / 04.18.2016: During excavation work carried out by a German-Egyptian mission led by Felix Arnold on Elephantine Island in Aswan, blocks from a way station for the god Khnum’s festival barque from Queen Hatshepsut’s reign was found.[…]

Tackling the U.S. Heroin ‘Epidemic’: The Need for Decriminalization

Image Source: Neal Jennings, Flickr, Creative Commons By André Gomes President Barack Obama’s commitment to increased investment in drug treatment is welcome, but people will still face barriers to accessing services due to stigma, something decriminalization can help tackle. Late last month the White House committed $116 million of funding to tackle the United States’[…]

Revolutionary War: The Siege of Fort Stanwix

Fort Stanwix / U.S. National Parks Service By Donald N. Moran Background To the casual reader, Fort Stanwix is somewhat of an enigma being located on the New York frontier, miles away from the major theatres of the Revolutionary War. Its only claim to fame is a British siege in August of 1777 in which[…]

Tony Perkins Whines: But ‘Religious Freedom Laws’ Prevent ‘Forced Servitude’ (VIDEO)

Tony Perkins, Fox News Screen Capture By Joe Clark / 04.19.2016 Family Research Council President Tony Perkins once again showcased his amazing dancing skills as he tapdanced around all logic and reason during an interview with Fernando Espuelas on the issue of religious freedom laws. Perkins was recently Espuelas’ guest on his Matter of Fact[…]

Beards of Belonging

Illustration of the statue of Hercules in the Farnese Palazzo in Rome. Engraving, 1723. Wellcome Library reference: 2817376. By Daryl Green Rare Books Librarian St. Andrews University The beard is an outward marker of the masculine form, one that can be shaped, moulded, and trimmed to its owner’s fancy. Facial hirsuteness has long been used[…]

How an 1870 Suffragist’s Diary Helped a Modern Mormon Feminist Find Her Voice

Inspired by a 100-year-old diary, this founder of the Mormon feminist movement encourages everyone to keep journals and record their own history. By Alexa Mills / 03.30.2016 Claudia Lauper Bushman had planned to donate the hundred-year-old diary to Harvard’s library. But the librarian was a little snippy that day, and Bushman really loved that diary.[…]

Laughter is Social Glue

“Humor Versus Color” by Mita Roy ~ This cartoon was created in the spirit of generativity similar to the Raagmala paintings of India, in which visual art was produced in response to Indian musical modes, or Ragas. The cartoons were inspired by the poem below, which was written in response to anthropologist Ritu Khanduri’s book[…]

Why Ethnography Matters: On Anthropology and Its Publics

Dr. Didier Fassin, M.D., PhD Interview with Darren Byler Abstract Based on the experience of researching and writing a book on urban policing in France and its reception by the media and various audiences, this essay discusses the challenges facing a public ethnography—distinguished from public sociology or anthropology. First, I differentiate two tasks (popularizing and[…]

Hawking at Harvard

The Morris Loeb Lecture in Physics and The Black Hole Initiative Inauguration. Stephen Hawking (pictured) delivers a talk in Sanders Theatre at Harvard University. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer At packed Sanders Theatre, theoretical physicist and cosmologist tackles the contradictory qualities of black holes By Peter Reuell / 04.18.2016 Black holes have long been painted as[…]