Why Do Some People Love Sad Music?

By Dr. Tuomas Eerola / 09.29.2016 Professor of Music Cognition Durham University Tear-jerkers such as Adele’s Someone Like You frequently top the charts these days, while gloomy classical compositions like Mozart’s Requiem have moved people for centuries. Both portray and bring about a strong sense of loss and sadness. But our enjoyment of sad music[…]

Trump – Straight Out of Medieval Manuscripts

  By Dr.Sonja Drimmer and Dr. Damian Fleming / 10.09.2016 Drimmer – Assistant Professor of Medieval Art, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Fleming – Assistant Professor of English, University of Toronto In the Medieval Middle There is a particularly harrowing scene in Mad Men, when Don Draper—the advertising executive at the center of the show—exhibits his[…]

The Secret Lives of Urban Rats

Public park in Manhattan, home to a rat population with over 100 visible burrows. Dr. Michael H. Parsons, Author provided By Dr. Michael H. Parsons / 10.11.2016 Scholar-in-Residence Hofstra University In an era when we can decode language among animals and design coatings that make military weapons virtually invisible, it may seem that there are[…]

Why was Caesar Really Killed?

Assassination of Julius Caesar By Michael Parenti On the 15th of March, 44 BC, in a meeting hall adjacent to Pompey’s theater, the Roman Senate awaited the arrival of the Republic’s supreme commander, Julius Caesar. This particular session did not promise to be an eventful one for most of the senators. But others among them[…]

Dave Daubenmire: ‘We Cannot Vote For Hillary Clinton Because Women Are Not To Have Authority Over Men’ (VIDEO)

By Kyle Mantyla / 10.11.2016 Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire posted a video this morning declaring that a recording of Donald Trump bragging about being able to sexually assault women because he is famous should be of far less concern to Christians than the prospect of allowing a woman to become president. “Women and[…]

How to Brew Ice Drip Coffee

By Mark Prince During these dog days of summer, iced coffee seems to be the rage and there are few better theatrics for coffee brewing than the Japanese-styled iced coffee dripper tower that seem to be popping up in more and more cafes in North America. The good news is, you can bring this brewing[…]

Diagnosis of Cancer as a Medical Emergency Leads to Poorer Prognosis for Many Patients

Too many patients – particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds – are being diagnosed with cancer as medical emergencies, say researchers. This means that their chances of successful treatment are greatly reduced. 10.11.2016 In an article in the journal Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, a team of researchers jointly led by the University of Cambridge and University[…]

The Myth of Positivity

By Umair Haque / 10.08.2016 The Reasons You Need to Feel Pain Of all the great myths of contemporary life, one of the most toxic is positivity. It says: there are negative and positive emotions, and only the positive ones are worth feeling, having, and expressing. Here’s why it’s really, really bad for us. If[…]

Denouncing ‘Colossal Waste’ of Drug War, Report Makes Case for Decriminalization

There were 574,640 arrests for marijuana possession nationwide in 2015—outnumbering arrests for all violent crimes combined. (Photo: Office of Public Affairs/flickr/cc) ‘Locking people up for using drugs causes tremendous harm, while doing nothing to help those who need and want treatment’ By Nadia Prupis / 10.12.2016 Two prominent human and civil rights organizations are calling[…]