California Feels the Bern – New HQ

BREWMINATE ENDORSES BERNIE SANDERS Think he’s going anywhere? Think again! Kick it Bernie… By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.21.2016 Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Pundits far and wide have been calling for Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race as they feverishly try to complete their coronation of Hillary Clinton. Well, now they have their answer. According[…]

Where Shakespeare Meets Science

By Dr. Ellen Stefan NASA Chief Scientist “Sweet Moon,” William Shakespeare wrote in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “I thank thee for thy sunny beams; I thank thee, Moon, for shining now so bright.” I wonder if Shakespeare ever envisioned worlds with many moons, such as the 27 moons of Uranus, many of which bear the[…]

Koch Brothers Fighting Grand Canyon Conservation Effort

By Cristina Silva / 04.21.2016 Billionaire businessmen Charles and David Koch are reportedly funneling money toward a special-interest group trying to defeat an effort to ban uranium mining around the Grand Canyon, the Phoenix New Times reported this week. The uranium mining ban that would grant federal protection to 1.7 million acres of land in the Grand Canyon[…]

In Photos: The Indigenous Protectors of the World’s Most Sacred Places

Winnemem Wintu Chief Caleen Sisk leads a sunrise prayer ceremony at Mt. Shasta in California. All photos by Christopher McLeod. All around the world, sites sacred to indigenous people are besieged by mining, tourism, and other threats. Meet the groups safeguarding and restoring them. By Christopher “Toby” McCleod Sacred Land Film Project Director Back in the[…]

Coffee Grind Chart

From Chris Arnold at How do I Grind My Coffee? What Equipment do I need? What Grind Level? Sounds like hell for the amateur, and heaven for the Coffee Nerd. Mainly because it means one more quantifiable way of measurement, and one more way to spend cash on yet another gadget. In terms of[…]

Richard Land: LGBT Rights Advocates Practice ‘Child Abuse’

Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law subcommittee hearing on “The Ethical Imperative for Reform of our Immigration System”, July 14, 2010 in the Rayburn House Office Building. (Photo By Douglas Graham/Roll Call[…]

4 Newly-Found Bust of Ancient Roman Emperors, Empresses Acquired by Bulgaria’s National Museum of History

Some of the Ancient Roman statues displayed in the new exhibition of the National Museum of History in Sofia which also features four newly found busts of Roman emperors and empresses. Check out the zoomed-in images below to view the artifacts from this photo in greater detail. Photo: National Museum of History By Ivan Dikov[…]

Backed by Army of Small-Dollar Donors, Sanders Camp Forges Ahead

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders speaking with supporters at the Agriculture Center at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo: Gage Skidmore/flickr/cc) With another record-breaking fundraising effort in March, Sanders supporters give campaign financial muscle to take political revolution all the way to the convention in June By Deirdre Fulton / 04.21.2016 After his loss[…]

Iranian Journalist Omid Memarian: “Turning Explosive Anger Into Something Constructive Is an Art”

Iranian journalist Omid Memarian. PHOTO: Courtesy Omid Memarian. By Mahsa Alimardani / 04.21.2016 When I worked in Iran as a journalist, I used to hang out with foreign reporters. I was curious about they way they approached stories, particularly in a country where everything needs a very strong context, and especially as many of these[…]

‘A Fixed System’: New York Primaries Prove Predetermination of US Elections (AUDIO)

With billionaire Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claiming resounding victories in Tuesday’s New York primaries, Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear discusses the use of subtle voter suppression techniques to usher in those wins. 04.21.2016 “People are pretty much sick and tired of the status quo and they want something completely different,” political[…]

Can You Train Yourself to Be Talented?

By Tanja Taljaard Discover whether your Potential is determined at Birth Many believe that our natural talent and intelligence is fixed, and that little can be done to remedy this. This ‘either you have it or you don’t’ belief, popularised in the late 1800’s by Francis Galton and his contemporaries, argued that your “innate” intelligence[…]