Philadelphia Brewery Brilliantly Trolls Trump with New Anti-‘Drumpf’ Beer Line

Dock Street Brewing Company Instagram By Wes Williams / 03.28.2016: As it begins to look more and more likely that Donald Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee, more people are offering their opinions on the matter. From Trump-loving celebrities like Scott Baio to anti-Trump Republicans like Congressman Carlos Curbelo, nobody is neutral on The[…]

Trial and Error: Report Says Prosecutors Rarely Pay Price for Mistakes and Misconduct

Photo Scott Hirko/Getty Images, Mosaic David Sleight/ProPublica By Joaquin Sapien (ProPublica) / 03.29.2016:   The Innocence Project released a report Tuesday alleging that prosecutors across the country are almost never punished when they withhold evidence or commit other forms of misconduct that land innocent people in prison. The Innocence Project, a nonprofit legal group that[…]

Newly Restored Floor Mosaics from Antiquity Synagogue in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Unveiled

The restored 3rd century AD floor mosaics from the Antiquity Synagogue in ancient Philipopolis, Bulgaria’s Plovdiv, depict a large menorah. Photo: 24 Chasa daily By Ivan Dikov (Archaeology in Bulgaria) / 03.24.2016: Absolutely unique 3rd century AD floor mosaics from the Antiquity Synagogue in the southern city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s only Jewish temple from the[…]

Anti-Atheist Terrorism: A New Threat

Victor Krasnov / From Roy Speckhardt (American Humanist Association) at The Huffington Post / 03.08.2016: Anti-atheist terrorism is gaining momentum around the world. While major events like the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris and the murders of rationalist bloggers in Bangladesh brought attention to this unfortunate problem, it’s far from isolated[…]

Climate Change Deniers on a Pennsylvania School Board Want More ‘Balanced’ Science Textbooks

Image by Les James / Creative Commons From Hemant Mehta at The Friendly Atheist / 03.29.2016: The Quakertown Area School District in Pennsylvania is having one of those meaningless fights about being fair and balanced in science classrooms. But it’s not about evolution this time; it’s about climate change. The school board’s curriculum committee says[…]

Trump Campaign Manager Lewandowski Arrested for Assault (VIDEO)

Image By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.29.2016: Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, has been arrested by Jupiter, Florida, police and charged with misdemeanor battery for grabbing ex-Breitbart report Michelle Fields as she posed a question to an exiting Trump at the Mar-a-Lago Club on March 8. The battery was witnessed by multiple reporters,[…]

Trump Gets No Easy Hannity Treatment from Wisconsin Conservative Talker Sykes (AUDIO)

Charlie Sykes By Joe Gandelman / 03.29.2016: Well it has finally happened:  someone in the conservative talk radio culture and even in the media besides Megyn Kelly interviewed Donald Trump and didn’t seem to be falling all over himself/herself (attention Morning Joe, which when it comes to Donald Trump more often than not seems to[…]