The Arctic is Thawing Much Faster than Expected, Scientists Warn

NEWTOK, AK – JULY 06: The marshy, tundra landscape surrounding Newtok is seen from a plane on July 6, 2015 outside Newtok, Alaska. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images) From Chris Mooney at the Washington Post / 03.23.2016: Amid blowout warm temperatures in the Arctic this year, two newstudies have amplified concerns about one of the[…]

How Ancient Greeks Named Their Puppies

A mosaic of Hercules with pet Cerberus. Photo: snarl Dogs played a special role in ancient Greek society and mythology; Cerberus guarded the gates of Hades, the goddess Artemis used dogs in her hunt, and Greek citizens employed dogs for hunting and protection. To the ancient Greeks, picking your new pup was an important decision,[…]

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Releases Photos of Malheur Post-Occupation

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.23.2016: With the Malheur Refuge occupiers behind bars and one deceased, the cleanup has begun at the location.  That is really an understatement. Reporters touring the facility were told to watch their step as the occupiers had “defecated everywhere”. These fine, upstanding soldiers for the Constitution and the American way[…]

Obama Blasts Cruz: Your Father Fled Cuba to Escape the Kind of Oppression You Now Hurl at Muslims (VIDEO)

By April Hamlin / 03.23.2016: During a press conference in Buenos Aires on Wednesday, President Obama called out Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz for his suggestion that Muslim communities should be put under surveillance, making note of the fact that this kind of policy was exactly why Cruz’s father had fled Cuba for America, the[…]

Sarah Palin Signs Deal to be Next Judge Judy – Minus the Education, Personality, and Experience

Photo Malia Litman By Charles Topher / 03.22.2016: When Sarah Palin first hit the national political scene, what little credibility she may have had lasted about eleven minutes. Before the first Katie Couric interview was over, millions of people were pointing at her and laughing. By the time her run for the vice-presidency was over,[…]

Divine Comedy: Lucian Versus The Gods

With the twenty-six short comic dialogues that made up Dialogues of the Gods, the 2nd-century writer Lucian of Samosata took the popular images of the Greek gods and re-drew them as greedy, sex-obsessed, power-mad despots. Nicholas Jeeves explores the story behind the work and its reception in the English speaking world. Image of Lucian appearing[…]

Jim Bakker: Government Will ‘Mow Down’ Christians For Praying (VIDEO)

By Brian Tashman / 03.23.2016: Televangelist Jim Bakker yesterday equated the supposed persecution of Christians in America to the violent persecution of Mideast Christians by ISIS terrorists, telling his audience that the U.S. government may soon “mow down” Christians who pray in public spaces. Bakker said that he himself is a victim of anti-Christian oppression[…]

Is Nuclear Power Our Energy Future – Or a Dinosaur in a Death Spiral?

Photo © February 29, 2016 — Nuclear power is dead. Long live nuclear power. Nuclear power is the only way forward. Nuclear power is a red herring. Nuclear power is too dangerous. Nuclear power is the safest power source around. Nuclear is nothing. Nuclear is everything. It is now generally agreed that the world[…]

What Went Wrong? Campus Unrest, Viewpoint Diversity, and Freedom of Speech

Melissa Click, a University of Missouri professor who teaches communication and journalism, was caught on tape threatening a journalist for covering a campus protest. She was subsequently fired for this and other such incidents she incited. From Michael Shermer at Skeptic Magazine / 03.23.2016: The French political journalist and supporter of the Royalist cause in[…]

A Sickness Over the Land

Why scientists believe what they do, and why the public too often doesn’t go along Elias Chasiotis / Astronomy Magazine  From David J. Eicher at Astronomy Magazine / 03.23.2016: There’s a sickness over the land. It may not, as the biblical plagues did, kill anyone. But it is corrupting millions of people with an unrealistic,[…]

Trump and Cruz Want to Turn American Police into American Gestapo to ‘Secure’ Muslim Neighborhoods? (VIDEO)

As he watched live images emerge from the terror attacks today in Brussels, Trump told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer he fully supports the idea of “going into Muslim neighborhoods,” and “looking for potential terrorists.” “Ted Cruz suggested today the U.S. should step up its, uh, involvement, ‘going into Muslim neighborhoods,’ he described it, looking for potential[…]

Cruz National Security Adviser Says Communist Witch-Hunter McCarthy was “Spot On”

Clare Lopez / Reuters Adviser for GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz made headlines today when she said Joe McCarthy was “spot on” about Communists infiltrating the federal government during the 1950’s. The GOP Senator from Wisconsin spent the height of his political career telling his fellow Americans that communists had infiltrated every level of the federal government.[…]

Thoughts on Terrorism and Violence

Villainous Company As the people of Brussels, the country of Belgium and rest of the world try to deal with yet another act of violence, another act of terrorism, here in the United States, we recall the bombing Saturday March 19 in Ankara Turkey, as well as the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California, Paris,[…]